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15 Toronto Hot-Spots to Visit During Summerlicious

Dining out in Toronto can be quite expensive. But fortunately for Torontonians, twice a year we get to give our wallets a break and experience two mouth-watering weeks of delicious three-course prix fixe menus during Summerlicious. This is the opportunity for frugal Torontonians to experience those high-end restaurants, one only gets to visit on special occasions. This also serves as a perfect excuse to take out our husbands, wives, in-laws, friends and/or family, to enjoy Toronto’s finest without breaking the bank. This year, Summerlicious will officially kick off on July 3, and runs until July 23rd. Three-course lunch menus are priced as low as $18, while dinner ranges between $28-$48, so it’s definitely in your best interest to make reservations as soon as possible.

Here are 15 spots to try during Summerlicious 2017:

New Spots

Jamie's Italian summerlicious

Photo by Jamie’s Italian

Old Favs

Canoe summerlicious

Photo by Evolylla Photography


Tabule summerlicious

Photo by Pinterest

Bomb Patios

Kasa moto summerlicious

Photo by: Renee Suen

Find the full list of participating restaurants here ,and let us know how you were able to tingle your taste buds via our twitter page .



Head Photo by: Engie Multitech