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6 Finger-Licking Dessert Ideas for Your Celebrations

Desserts are a sweet way to bid farewell to all of your guests. They allow guests to take a sweet memory home with them, to reminisce on all of the great experiences they had during your event.  While we’re on the topic of desserts though, we of course cannot forget to mention one of the most popular desserts that is served almost everywhere, regardless of whether people like it or not, the cake. But for the sake of switching things up, we’ve listed some deliciously tasty treats below that will make your guests wish they didn’t think of these sweet send-offs sooner.

Charcoal Ice Cream

Charcoal Ice Cream certainly can be the best treat you can give to your guests. This ice cream comes in a variety of unique soft serve flavors in unconventional cones, including their famous charcoal cone. The texture of the ice cream is going to give major sweet goals to your guests and leave them craving for more. It is the unique color and appearance of the cone that makes it special and different from the average ice cream.

Alcohol Filled Treats

Imagine what these small sugary, alcohol filled desserts created by Tipsy Treats can offer? Their cupcakes, strawberries, cake pops- practically anything you can think of- are filled with alcohol and infused with love, making a perfect combo for your guests. Tipsy Treats offers an array of decadent flavors and an infusion of options for you to choose from.

Pretty Donuts

There are no close substitutes to these donuts. Dipped in mouth-watering syrups and sprinkled with lip-smacking goodies, these Pretty Donuts offered by Glory Hole Donuts are the best you can find in very incredible prices. They offer some really appetizing flavors that your guests will not be able to resist.

Milk Shake

What can be sweeter than a milkshake? The fact that you can even mix these scrumptious indulgences with different fruits and flavors make them an ideal dessert option. Peace Treats Co. offers the most unique milkshakes you will ever find, anywhere. They are not like your average home made milkshake. Peace Treats knows how to treat you right –no pun intended. They provide a mix of unique flavors and toppings to give you a fantastic treat your guests will love.


Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is that sweat fluffy goodness you find at every state fair. The fact that they are made entirely of sugar makes them a good enough option for event takeaways. If you want to get the best cotton candies for your guests, Fancy Pufs is the place. There is just something about the fluffiness of this dessert that it brings everyone back to their childhood.


Fun Ice Cream

In the scorching summer season, nothing can chill you better than an ice cream. Fugo Desserts & Sweet Jesus offer fun cookie monster style ice cream that is pretty on the eyes, and tasty on the tongue. These are ideal for a family get together and even small parties.