Here’s What You Need to Know

Do I need an Event Planner?

The need for an Event Planner is truly dependent upon your personal situation. For example, if you do not live in the country of your event, you are busy with work and/or school, or perhaps you’re stressed at the thought of organizing big and small details, then I would certainly recommend hiring an Event Planner. To be able to successfully plan an event like a wedding for example, it can take up to 250 hours of devoted time and energy to ensure no details are missed and everything runs as smoothly as possible. Clients who hire a Planner are relieved that they can truly attend their event as hosts and enjoy it with their guests, rather than dealing with managing the event or any challenges that may arise. They may also get a chance to save some money, as many planners like ourselves, are master negotiators and always do our best to get you the best bang for your buck.


When do I book an Event Planner?

This decision is also dependent upon your personal circumstance. If you are looking for someone to help you from the very beginning of your experience, you ideally want to contact a Planner soon after you are engaged or when you decide to have an event. This will help you start your planning process on the right track.


My venue has a Coordinator. Should I still hire an Event Planner?

Though the venue’s Coordinator can be quite helpful on the day of your wedding, their soul focus is to manage catering, general set up (tables, chairs, etc.) and the staff. They do not assist with the entire planning process (i.e. selecting a dress, theme design, etc.) and are not obligated to help you outside of their scope of work. For example, if the DJ has not arrived, or the Florist is running late. The Wedding & Events Planner manages these situations and handles them on your behalf, and will work with the Venue Coordinator to ensure their provided service is met as per their agreement with you.


Does AJE travel?

We sure do! In fact we absolutely love traveling! We have planned weddings in the US, and are always up for the opportunity to work outside of Toronto.

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