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Haute Trends: Tech Talk

Taking advantage of some of the most popular technology trends will help make your event that much more memorable. Need a way to involve your grandmother who is too sick to attend? Want guests to enjoy an out of this world experience? Have a 360 view of the entire event? Transform a typical guest book into a video feed for guests to share well wishes?

With the use of some neat high-tech devices, today’s modern weddings and events are taking traditional ceremonies and turning them upside down. And as we’re still at the beginning of 2017, let’s take a look at a few tech trends capturing the attention of the millennial bride and groom.

  1. Live Stream

When a dear loved one is unable to attend your event, consider live streaming a part or the entire experience so guests can still enjoy the celebration with you. These days, technology has provided us with so many different options to share this experience, like Skype, Facetime and Periscope, just to name a few.

  1. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the next big thing. VR provides a fully immersive and room scale virtual reality experience that will wow your guests during the cocktail hour or give guests who don’t like to dance something to do.

  1. 3D Printed Wedding Cake Décor

3D printed cake décor becomes a structural component of your dessert other than just an embellishment. It provides a one of a kind design that will have your guests begging for the secret.

  1. Drones

Drones are the latest trend in the bridal market, and may be the best way to achieve cinematic quality birds’ eye view photos and videos. For couples looking for a unique way to tell their narrative, drone photography and cinematography is definitely one way to go!

  1. Tablet Guest book

Guests pen their name, advice and/or well-wishes in a digital guestbook. They can also leave a short video for the couple to view on their honeymoon or1st anniversary. These messages can also get saved to a cloud and added to a live projection on the projector screen for all guests to enjoy.

Image by: Alea Lovely

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